tips to select a t-shirt manufacturer in tirupur

6 Essential Tips to Select a T-shirt Manufacturer in Tirupur

Tirupur is famous for its manufacturing hub for T-shirts. There is not a single day pass by when not thousands but lakhs of people flock to those markets every day to buy and sell clothes. It’s not just a manufacturing hub but its trusted symbol of quality and accessibility for all classes in society.

But it can be confusing to choose which manufacturer is better than the others. You want the best T-shirt manufacturer, it doesn’t matter whether you are buying it on an individual level or as a retailer, while some manufacturers offer huge discounts, some have a large variety of clothes, so it can be a daunting task to choose one t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur.

But we have gathered some tips to help you select a t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur in the best possible way. So let’s dive into it.

6 Essential Tips to Select a T-shirt Manufacturer in Tirupur

Follow these steps to select the t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur if you want to get ahead of the competition.

1 Quality

First and foremost of any clothing factor is its quality. Most of the time we are ready to pay huge amounts of money to get the better quality of clothes.

The quality is the things that are going to determine the longevity of your clothes and their comfortability on your skin.

You might want to spend some extra time determining which manufacturer has the best quality of T-shirts in Tirupur.

2 Order Platform

Following the product offerings, the second step is to place an order with a T-shirt Manufacturer.

Some manufacturers have their website, while others only take orders over the telephone.

It’s important not just for your comfortability, but you can choose between many options if there is a dedicated ecommerce platform.

3 Price

One of the main advantages of buying T-shirts from a manufacturer is the price difference.

The retailer charges huge amounts of overhead cost, and the price of clothes jumps two folds till reaching the market. So select a manufacturer that offers lower cost than others, but don’t go so cheap that you affect the clothes’ quality.

4 Return Policy

Having a clear understanding of the refund and return policies ahead of time will save you a huge amount of time and aggravation if you ever receive a faulty product.

The best manufacturer will offer a very convenient return and refund policy over their products.

5 Order Fulfillment Timeline

This might not seem important, but manufacturers are not like retailers.

They have a huge customer base to attend to, and that too in very large quantities.

So your first and foremost duty after selecting a product is to inquire about the product delivery timeline.

6 Financing Options

This is important if you are a retailer who is consistent in his/her efforts to stay in the clothing business for a long time.

Your company must operate on a strict budget, and you require a uniform and inexpensive repayment schedule.

Making a repayment plan with your manufacturer would help you keep track of your finances.


We hope that all of your doubts were eliminated and now you can select the best T-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur. Other reasons can influence your decision-making, and there are other factors that affect you on an individual basis.

We hope you are satisfied with the effort. Stay tuned for more fashion updates and enhance your knowledge about everything clothing has to offer through our blog.

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