faq about kids clothing wholesale suppliers in india

15 FAQ About Kids Clothing Wholesale Suppliers In India

Suppose you are a boutique owner, manufacturer, or a simple individual buyer who is planning to purchase kid’s clothing from a wholesaler in India.

These 15 frequently asked questions will help you.

15 FAQ About Kids Clothing Wholesale Suppliers In India

Let’s dive into frequently asked questions without any further delay.

1 What products do they offer, and are they constantly available?

You should always consider products that are overstock and closeouts obtained from distributors and department stores. You should also consider that the majority of the merchandise you are ordering is ample in stock or not.

2 Products they provide original or not?

This is a very important question you should consider asking your kids clothing wholesaler. Original products are very important for your business’s success because they are the things customers are looking for.

3 How do you place an order?

After the selection of the products, the next step you will encounter is placing the order to the kids clothing wholesaler. Some wholesalers have a dedicated platform, while some only take orders by phone.

4 How long does it take for an order to be processed?

If you are ordering a small quantity, it usually takes 3-7 business days from any kids clothing wholesaler. But if you are ordering a large quantity, it solely depends on the wholesaler to fulfill the order.

5 Is it possible to place an order while visiting?

Sometimes it’s very necessary to visit onsite before placing an order to ensure you are not participating in a fraud.

6 Do they offer free samples?

If you are a startup, you should always ask for free samples to ensure the quality of the product and also to understand the wholesaler customer relationship ideology.

7 What payment options do they provide?

You should ask upfront about the available payment options like bank transfer (invoice), Paypal, Credit Card, or cash on pick up.

8 Do they offer discounts?

Always inquire about the discount on payment terms, during festive seasons many kids clothing wholesalers provide attractive discounts which you can avail and make a handsome profit.

9 Do they offer financing options?

It’s very important your business is tight on budget, and you need a standard and affordable payment plan. Making a payment timeline with your wholesaler can help things on your balance sheet.

10 How do they deliver?

After the payment confirmation, how much time they usually take to deliver the products to you is also a crucial topic. You should also ask how much does shipping cost and what are the methods they use to deliver products.

11 What is their return policy?

Ensuring the refund and return policy in advance will save you a lot of trouble when you would be delivered a defective product in the future.

12 How is the merchandise packaged to be shipped?

Ensuring the packaging of your products and how they are shipped are crucial if you want your products to be delivered safely and untampered.

13 What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

A minimum order quantity (MOQ) is the lowest fixed amount of stock that the supplier is willing to sell.

14 Do I need a business license or to register to be able to place an order?

Sometimes wholesalers require you to present legal documents to procure material from them. But the majority of wholesalers understand if you are a startup and can give a cut for you.

15 How good is the customer assistance?

You may find it vague, but many times customer assistance is the only link between you and the wholesaler. Any queries will be solved and processed by them. So, good customer service is what can help you in the long run.

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